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MF 6pk EDR3RXD1 Water Filter Compatible 4396841 Filter 3

MF 6pk EDR3RXD1 Water Filter Compatible 4396841 Filter 3 Item NO.: FS004(6pcs)

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Product Name MF 6pk EDR3RXD1 Water Filter Compatible 4396841 Filter 3
Item NO. FS004(6pcs)
Weight 2 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz
Category All Filters > Filters-Store > Water Filter > EDR3RXD1
Brand FS
Creation Time 2020-02-18

Product Description


FS004: Compaitible with 4396841, EDR3RXD1 & Filter 3

Filters-Store Refrigerator Filter creates better tasting water for drinking as well as clean, clearer, healthy ice. It reduces chlorine taste and smell, remove 97% of lead and 24 contaminants. (Fluoride, Sediment, Heavy Metals & Chemicals, Micro-organisms, Chlorine, Taste and odor, Lead, Mercury, Cysts, Particulates (Class I), Asbestos.) The Filters’ lifespans are determined by various factors, such as water quality and level of contaminants. But for the best filtering result, replace the fridge filter every 6 months or after it filters 200 gallons of water. If you have any problem with the filter, contact us anytime. What we do is to offer better services for you.



Original Design

Easy replacement

Pure PP Rigid Shell

Environment Friendly

Reduce 97% harmful contaminants in tap water

Replaces the popular W10295370 / W10295370A filter

Free shipping

Free returns

Money Saving


Compatible Part Numbers



FILTER3, 9020, 9030, 2260515, 2260538, 2313412, 4396710, 4396711, 4396841, 4396842, 95357630, 4609030000, AP3866834, FILTER3, P2RFWG2, T1KB2, T1RFKB2,T 1RFWB2, T1RFWG2, T1WB2L, T1WG2L, T2WG2L, W10121146, W10177635, W10186667, W10193691, AP3710633, RWFFRSXS, T1KB1, T1RFKB1, T1WB2, T1WG2 ,T2RFWG2, T2WG2, W10121145 ,ED5KVEXV007, 4396711b, ED2VHEXVQ01, ED2KVEXVQ01, GD5DHAXVB01, ED5DHEXQ00, ED5VHEXVB01, ED2KVEXV001, ED5HVEXVB03, ED5KVEXVQ00, ED5VHEXVB00, ED2KHAXVS02, ED5PVEXWS08, ED5VHEXVB08, ED5KVEXVBO3, KSCS25INSS00, ED5FVGXWS00, KSRY25CRMS01, REPLFLTR20, JCD2595WES00 10655602400, 106.454238, 106.545994, 106.567195, 253.7031321, 106.591268, 106.594228,



4609020000, 46-9020, KSRX25FSSTO1, 46-9030, 4609030000, 469020, 469030, 9020, 9030, 9020P, 9030P, 9020B, 9030B, 439030, 469020P, 106.58963701, 106.57372700, MSF25D2EAW00, WDS322FDA, 106.56586500, 106.57036601, 106.57064602



2260515, 95357630, 2260538, 2305222, 2305267, 2313412, P1KB2, P1RFKB1, P1RFKB2, P1RFWG2, P1WB2L, P1WG2, P1WG2L, P2RFWG2, P2WG2L, PB-SS, PS986832, P1KB1, P1RFWB2, P1WB2, P1WG2, PBSS, PS971185



ASD2522WRS01, ASD2522WRW02



MSF25D2EAW00, MSD2576VEB00, MSD2272VEB00, MSD2576VEB, MSF25C2EXW00 ed5vhextlo1, ES5DVAXWB01




How To Install The 4396841 Filter:

1.Locate filter in the grille near the bottom of your refrigerator

2.Push button firmly until filter pops out

3.Remove cap from filter by twisting counter-clockwise

4.Reinstall cap on new filter and remove red caps from end of filter

5.Insert new filter in refrigerator and push in firmly until it clicks in place

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